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Elmec Speciality Heaters Terms & Conditions of Sale

Acceptance of order :

1) All orders are accepted in accordance with the terms and conditions here in specified, unless otherwise noted by purchaser within five working days of date of receipt.

2) For all purchase order received by Elmec Speciality Heaters are not subject to cancellation or modification except upon written approval by Elmec Speciality Heaters and shall be subject to cancellation charges as determined by Elmec Speciality Heaters.

Cancellation charges :

Cancellation charges depend upon the portion of the products completed at the time of such cancellation. The buyer shall pay the cancellation charges estimated by Elmec Speciality Heaters.

Delivery :

Delivery dates are approximate and are based upon prompt receipt of all necessary information from purchaser (i.e. Purchase order, Advance payment, clarifications, samples, drawings, point of delivery etc…) FOB Chennai. Risk of loss shall pass to Buyers on delivery at the FOB Point. Elmec Speciality Heaters shall prepay freight, and select the means of transportation unless buyers provide specific written instruction other wise with Buyer order. Elmec Speciality Heaters shall not be responsible for delivery of any quantities for which Buyer has not given shipping instructions.

Engineering Charges:

On complex heating of control systems an engineering charges may be applied to the first order only. Engineering charges may not be applied if similar items are ordered again. This charge is not subject to discount.


Elmec Speciality Heaters Shall not be liable for delay in delivery or for failure to manufacture or supply of products in the event of: Act of God, war riot, fire, explosion, Accident, Flood, sabotage, Lack of adequate, power, fuel, labour, raw materials, transportation facilities, compliance with governmental requirements, breakage or failure of machines, testing instruments or any other events whether or not of the class or kind enumerated herein beyond the control of such party or in event of labour or trouble, strike, lockout. Which event makes impracticable the manufacture, transportation, sale, purchase, acceptance, use or resale of products or a material upon which the manufacture of product dependent.

If Elmec Speciality Heaters determines that product or any materials used for manufacturing the products of any quantity directly or indirectly is hindered, Limited or made impracticable to manufacture obtain or purchase, Elmec Speciality Heaters may allocate its available supply of products or such material (without obligation to acquire other supplies of any such products or materials) among itself and its purchase on such basis as Elmec Speciality Heaters determines to be equitable without liability for any failure of performance, which may result there from.

Deliveries not made by reason of this section shall be cancelled without liability, but this agreement and/or order shall other wise remain unaffected. No claim is allowed for the failure, damaged or broken product due to transportation, mishandling, installation of products and No claim is allowed for the loss of any kind due to installation or failure of the products. Elmec Speciality Heaters shall not be responsible for loss of any kind arises due to delayed delivery of products and no` claim is allowed under this section. In no event shall Elmec Speciality Heaters be liable for indirect, special, incidental, or consequential damages.

Taxes, Packing and forwarding charges :

Taxes, Packing and forwarding charges extra. Price does not include all these charges. Buyer's has to bear, any increase in packing and forwarding, Governmental charges taxes and duties. During the course of transaction

Miscellaneous :

All dispute are subject to the jurisdiction of High Court of Chennai, INDIA only. Elmec Speciality Heaters always consider that all the transactions between the Buyers are executed only under full agreement and understanding of the terms and conditions by the Buyer. Any terms and conditions, received during the course of dealing through Buyer purchase order, Shipping documents or by any other form will not add cancel or modify the terms and conditions of Elmec Speciality Heaters, unless otherwise agreed to in writing by Elmec Speciality Heaters and no modification shall be effected by acknowledgement or acceptance of purchase order.

Order Changes :

If Purchaser wants to change in quantity, drawings, designs or specification for the products to manufacture they must give written notice to Elmec Speciality Heaters to amend the changes in product after receipt of such notice, Elmec Speciality Heaters will inform to purchaser of any revised Price, delivery schedule etc. All the changes requested by the purchaser should notify Elmec Speciality Heaters well before the commencement of the manufacture of the product. Buyers are sole responsible for any loss or any direct indirect expenses arrived due to any changes in the products. Production error as a result of verbal orders will be charged to the purchaser.

Payment Terms :

Payment has to be made in T/T or D/D
100% against Proforma Invoice (or)
40% Advance Balance (or) against Proforma Invoice (or) through Bank as agreed by Elmec Speciality Heaters.
30 days upon approved credit. Price and discount are subject to change without notice.
All quotations are valid for 30 days unless otherwise stated

Pricing :

Prices, discount, delivery and designs are subject to change without notice. Elmec Speciality Heaters shall have the right to revise discount, Prices, point of delivery, service allowance or terms of payment at any point of time during the course of transaction. If buyer restricts any revision desired by Elmec Speciality Heaters, Elmec Speciality Heaters shall have the right to terminate this order by notice to buyers, suspend deliveries. Any delivery suspended under this section shall be cancelled without liability.

Indemnity and Subrogation Waiver:

Purchaser agrees to indemnify and hold Elmec Speciality Heaters harmless with respect to any third party claim for personal injury (or death), property damages are other loss which claim are based upon defective or allegedly defective design, material or work man ship furnished by Elmec Speciality Heaters. Purchaser represents that any liability insurance policies which purchaser may have provide that subrogation rights against suppliers such as Elmec Speciality Heaters are waived.

Patent Rights :

To the extent that Elmec Speciality Heaters develops a new process while designing a new product on behalf of purchaser, the rights to the new process and or product including patent rights shall remain with Elmec Speciality Heaters.

Credit Conditions :

Credit Shipments on an open account basis will be made to approved customers who maintain good credit standing.
(i) Purchasers, whose credit has not been approved, must submit names, address and telephone numbers of three industrial or commercial credit references.
(ii) Shipments of standard products to non-approved purchaser will be shipped on COD Basis.
(iii) Orders for special or non-standard products from Non -approved customers as must be accompanied with cash or D.D in advance payment.

Prototypes and Samples :

If Elmec Speciality Heaters delivers a product to the purchaser designated as sample or prototype no warranties or guarantee or suitability or fitness of particular purpose or merchantability are made with respect to such prototype or sample. Purchaser shall have the sole responsibility to test the sample or prototypes prior to acceptance and/or usability of sample in to end-use applications. If Elmec Speciality Heaters Manufacture a product based on a sample or prototype design approved by the purchaser may differ in assembly methods and materials from the sample or prototype. Buyers therefore shall have the duty and sole responsibility for testing and acceptance of products, which are based on prototype or sample design.
Quantity and Weights :
Variation in Quantity and Weight: When Industrial Heaters heating systems controllers and sensors are manufactured to specific order. It is necessary to allow for losses in production and for this reason we reserve the right to ship as stated below.

Ordered Shipping variations:

1 - 9 units ± 1 Units
10 - 100 units ± 10%
10 and over ± 5%

Returns :

Products shall not be returned to Elmec Speciality Heaters without Prior approval from Elmec Speciality Heaters. Elmec Speciality Heaters will find the actual cause for return and If the products returned due to manufacturing defect Elmec Speciality Heaters will decide whether to replace or repair the products, if the products is not subject to Elmec Speciality Heaters warranty Buyer has to bear the cost of replacements or repair all return must be shipped freight prepaid.

Tooling and Wood Patterns :

All tooling and wood patterns are property of Elmec Speciality Heaters. Elmec Speciality Heaters will accept purchase's special tooling and patterns if sent freight prepaid. Buyer has to bear the cost of tooling and wood pattern if the cost exceeds reasonable amount.
Elmec Speciality Heaters will maintain the tooling exercising reasonable care in order to produce Buyers product. Elmec Speciality Heaters shall not be liable for loss or damage to purchaser's property in its possession.

Warranty :

Elmec Speciality Heaters warrants products against manufacturing defects (specifications, workman ship) for one year from the date of delivery. Provided such products properly installed used and maintained. Elmec Speciality Heaters does not warrant any product against damage from corrosion, Contamination, improper application and specification or wear and tear. The selection application of heaters and controls are the purchaser sole responsibility. Since Elmec Speciality Heaters have no control over the application of its own products, Elmec Speciality Heaters cannot guarantee against burn -out. This warranty is applicable to any party uses the Elmec Speciality Heaters products during the period of warranty. Elmec Speciality Heaters shall not be liable for damages or any kind of losses resulting from the use or installation of products during the period of warranty and no claim is allowed from the user of product due to such losses. If product fails during the warranty period repair or replacement will be done at Elmec Speciality Heaters option, without any additional charges. Buyer or user should notify to Elmec Speciality Heaters within 30 days from the date of failure of the products. THE FOREGOING WARRANTY IS INLIEU OF ALL OF THE WARRANTIES EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, Elmec Speciality Heaters WILL NOT BE LIABLE FOR ANY SPECIAL, CONSEQUENTIAL, OR INDIRECT, INCIDENTAL DAMAGES. RESULTING FROM ITS BREACH OF THE FOREGOING WARRANTY. Elmec Speciality Heaters SHALL NOT BE LIABLE FOR AND BUYER AND ANY OTHER PERSON OR ENTITY TO WHOM PRODUCTS ARE TRANSFERRED DURING THE PERIOD OF THIS WARRANTY ASSUMES RESPOSIBILITY FOR, ALL PERSONAL INJURY AND PROPERTY DAMAGE RESULTING FROM OR RELATED TO THE HANDLING, POSSESSION OR USE OF PRODUCTS AND PRODUCTS MANUFACTURED AND SOLD BY Elmec Speciality Heaters.
Elmec Speciality Heaters are not responsible for typographical errors.



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