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Elmec, Hot Runner Controllers are efficient and economical. Our Multi zone Hot runner Controllers are by single temperature control modules assembled in a cabinet. SSR controlled outputs (or) Thyristor controlled outputs to control Hot runner Heaters & Manifold Heaters are available.




  • Advanced P I D Control algorithm
  • Maximum output power per zone : 3600 watts
  • Supply Volts : 230v / 415v - 3 Phase
  • Dual Display: Set point and actual temperature
  • Thermocouple input : Universal Type
  • Temperature display : oC (or) oF selectable
  • Output : SSR / Thyristor
Thermocouple Calibration Accuracy 0.1℃
Control Accuracy ±0.3℃ from Set point
Control Algorithm PID, Auto Tuning
Manual Mode Power Compensation for incoming Voltage variation (0 ~ 65%)
Operation Range 30 ~ 500℃ (86~932℉)
Power Output Range 15 Amp/zone (3600W/Zone)
StandBy Temperature User Selectable (30~500℃)
Boost Mode 1~99min. 0~65% output
Sensor Thermocouple Type, J or K
Cold Junction Compensation Internal to enclosure
External Resistance 10Meg. Ohms
Temperature Variation Due to T/C Length None
Input Voltage 90~250VAC, 50/60Hz
Operation Conditions 0 ~ 50 ℃ UP to 90% humidity (Non-Condensing)